Atiku says Buhari lacks the skill to manage Nigeria’s economy

<p class=””>Atiku made the comment while speaking with members of the business community in Abia state on Wednesday.</p>

<h1>The presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar has said that President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) lack the skill to manage Nigeria’s economy.</h1>

<p class=””>Atiku made the comment while speaking with members of the business community in Abia state on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.</p>

<p class=””>According to <strong>Vanguard, </strong>the former Vice-President promised to harness the opportunities in the various business hubs in the South-East and also create jobs.</p>

<p class=””>He said <em>“This government doesn’t have the capacity, the will to do it (create jobs). We started the ease of doing business in Nigeria but this government came and completely destroyed it. We made it possible for business to be incorporated in 24 hours. We want to do it again and make it possible to register business on your own computers. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“I will do whatever I can to promote business as long as it is within the confines of our laws. I will do this not because I am a businessman but I want to see prosperity in our country. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“I know and feel you pain because I’m also one of you but we have to work together to remove those challenges, those pains of doing business. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“It was PDP administration that established dry ports. So, why would we not want them to function properly? If you want them to work, you had better return PDP back to power.”</em></p>

<p class=””><strong>Issue of insecurity</strong></p>

<p class=””>Also, the PDP chairman, <strong>Uche Secondus</strong> told those present that Atiku will tackle the issue of insecurity in the country if he is elected into power.</p>

<p class=””>Secondus said<em> “Our country is in distress, the economy has collapsed and government has collapsed. Badeh was brutally murdered yesterday (Tuesday), a former Defense Chief. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“Nigeria was the largest economy in Africa but now the poverty capital of the world Buhari doesn’t take responsibility for anything and he is not aware people are hungry. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“People are being killed, his kitchen cabinet is corrupt but he is not aware. </em></p>

<p class=””><em>“Atiku is a man you whose presence you can feel. He can engage and interact with you. He has a policy document that will unlock the potentials of this country.”</em></p>

<p class=””><strong>Peter Obi speaks</strong></p>

<p class=””>On his part, the PDP Vice-Presidential candidate, <strong>Peter Obi</strong> told the businessmen that funds will be made available to boost businesses if Atiku is elected into power in 2019.</p>

<p class=””>“<em>The incoming President is different. He is a businessman, he has created wealth. If you have created wealth, you can manage Nigeria. He knows what’s happening in the market. </em></p>

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<p class=””><em>“Atiku will solve manufacturing problems because he’s a manufacturer. The next PDP government will be totally different because we have a man who has an idea. Under Atiku, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, SMEs will not be looking for money, money will be looking for SMEs,”</em> Obi added.</p>

<p class=””>The PDP presidential candidate was also accompanied on the visit by his wife, Jennifer.</p>
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