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Pro Biafra Protests: Ijaw Youths demand release Nnamdi Kanu


The Ijaw Youths Council, IYC, on Sunday reinstated it demands for the release of the founder of Radio Biafra and Director of the Indigenous people of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, who was arrested in October.

The spokesman of IYC, Eric Omare, who made this known in Yenagoa, , described the detention of Kanu by the Department of State Security, DSS, even after his was granted bail.

Omare, however, called on the DSS to show regard for the rule of law in carrying out their constitutional duties, appealing for dialogue in stead of military approach in resolving issues with the Biafrian protests.

He urged the security personnel to respect the fundamental human rights of the protesters, saying the military approach “would only escalate the crisis with the right to peaceful protest been an integral part of a democratic society”.

The IYC spokesman explained that, “the massive pro-biafra protests in recent times has once more brought to the fore the need to honestly and holistically renegotiate the terms of Nigerian’s existence as a nation”.

He also added that the claim that all is well with Nigeria is self-deceit.

He opined that “the structure of Nigeria must be such that would allow people from different regions to develop at their own pace towards realization of the full potentials with been hindered by the wish of people from other parts of the country”.