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Kogi: Governor Yahaya Bello is financially reckless, says Honorable James Faleke

The running mate of the late Prince Abubakar Audu in last November 21 election in Kogi State on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. James Abiodun Faleke, has accused Governor Yahaya Bello of financial recklessness.

Faleke, who addressed his supporters yesterday after the sitting of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal in Abuja, said besides the funds he met in the treasury after his swearing in, he received the January allocation and did not tar any road or pay salaries.

He said: “My heart bleeds for my people because of the way Bello has been managing the resources of the state. When he came in, he met N2.5 billion in the treasury plus N700 million Ecological Fund. From these, he paid a month’s salary.

“Then the January allocation of N2.6 billion came in and he collected a loan of N420 million from Zenith Bank.

“The governor has squandered the allocation and the loan. He refused to pay salary, using staff screening as an excuse. He did not tar a kilometre of road from the over N3 billion. What has he done with the money?

“Bello was so desperate to get the loan from Zenith Bank, after UBA refused, he moved the state accounts to Zenith Bank.

To those who know him (Bello), please tell him we are watching and any act of corruption will be exposed.”

Faleke said instead of facing governance, the governor had been concentrating on trivial issues, such as demolition of monuments, encouraging division in the House of Assembly, among others.

He said the people would resist attempts to embezzle their commonwealth by any public officer, no matter how highly placed.

Credit: The Nation