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Kogi United, Confluence Queens will consolidate on 2014 achievements, says Abdul Adama

Chairman, Kogi United and Confluence Queens, Abdul Adama has declared that his management’s aspiration for the new season is to consolidate on their several success to achieving more with the state-owned clubs.
Idris Wada and Abdul Adama

In a media chat with sports writers at the Kogi Confluence Stadium in Lokoja, Adama, who doubles as the Special Adviser of Kogi state governor on Public Private Partnership, said his management have last season successfully restructured and re-positioned the football clubs and expressed optimism for greater success ahead.

While mentioning the numerous achievements of the state clubs last season, Adama highlighted Kogi United and Confluence Queens’ high finishing places on their various league standings, acquired befitting accommodation and creation of the non-existing of players.

He also listed the quality welfare and consistent payment of salaries, allowances and motivational financial packages as well as the unprecedented perfect winning home record of Kogi United last season.

The Kogi born football administrator saluted the unreserved cooperation of the state governor Captain Idris Wada for consistently supporting the state clubs.

“We are starting a new season with our screening. We feel it important to brief the public on what we have been able to achieve last season. I’m happy to be associated with Sports Writers in Kogi State and hoping they grow stronger.

“Last season (2014) like you all know was tagged a season of restructuring and re-positioning, as you all were aware Kogi United had it too rough two seasons ago which culminated into the appointment of the new management board last season.

“Despite our challenges too numerous to mention, but we still had some achievements. For the first in our history of the two teams, we have been able to keep records of our players as when we came in we saw there was no record about the players in club.

“Today, we can give you record of our players which is very important and have premier league clubs after our players. We never know either a player was on-loan or there is never a time which a player is an outright. As a result of no record everybody had to go and started from the scratch.

“Another achievement is that we have able to get a befitting accommodation for the two clubs – players and coaches. We also had a 100% clean sheet for our home matches and a draw away – though not too fantastic for Kogi United.

“For Confluence Queens, they have an away win and draw and in the women premier league were strong contenders. We also have been able to instill serious discipline in the teams. Both teams have discipline management – I can vague for the staffs, they have lived up to expectation and their commitment deserves a mention.

“Also the state government by the single appointment of the new management have committed a lot of resources and consistently back us to achieve what we have today.

“His Excellency, Captain Idris Wada have lived up to his words and for the first time we have been heard on paper, in print media and television and radio. We are really grateful to him when he said he is going to make a difference in Kogi United and Confluence Queens. He has done it and will give kudos to him.

“For the first time, Kogi United and Confluence Queens have been able to received their salaries and allowances as at when due. There is no player that is been owe because the government and management have always fulfilled our own obligation at the right.

“We also for the first time have a coach who have been drawn all the way from Denmark – an indegene as technical adviser and his experience he has brought to bear. Through him we have been able to get a sponsor of one of our kit – Hummel by a donation and also had OWU sports wear – when we started, an indigenous company as another kit sponsor.

“We have moved forward as clubs and not where we were when you walk through the nooks and crannies of Nigeria not just in the streets Lokoja, you can hardly spend a day or two before you see the jersey of Kogi United or Confluence Queens.

“We had good relations with various stakeholders including the Sports Writers, state Football Association and state referee’s council. We have tagged this new season as season of consolidation. After concluding our restructuring and re-positioning, we now have this standard and hoping to build upon it for the new season,” he added.

On how the clubs fared last season and he hopes they will be next season, he said Kogi United and Confluence Queens have better organisation and he expects a better outing in the new season.

“In Kogi United, we fared very well, we had bit of internal problems within the coaches and that affected us. We are learning every day, we have been able to resolve every thing a bit that because you can only say what your know.

“For Confluence Queens, the coach that started was brought by the Team manager and I had to accept him as I knew nothing about female football then, but he disappointed who brought him and made some changes along the line.

“Today, we have in Confluence Queens an experience coach. And since he came in we have been able to achieved what we have. We want to keep our players intact and will just bring in few players to beef up the team,” he said.

On the invitation of Wilfred, he expressed delight at the invitation and credited the unprecedented achievement on the difference recorded by his management in a short time.

“Angel Ammel Wilfred, who is an indigene was a player that played against us and was brought in during the mid season. Through his performance during the season he was invited to the national team.”

“We also had two of Confluence Queens players who made the U17 national team to World Cup in Costa Rica. We are going to come out this season whether they are invited to the national team – we are nothing going to play second fiddle to any team this season.”

“We are not afraid of any team. We want to assure the stakeholders and fans that this time around I have the words of management, coaches and players that we will get to where we deserve to be.

“Anytime, we look too far ahead, we are bound to get stuck. Its like a chain..we are taking it one step at a time. Combining marketing and performance will be a sort of challenge. By the time we bring a premiership football to Kogi, we will get lot of marketing attentions.

“At the moment, we are doing a less of marketing and more attention on performance. Though, we do have at least four of our players chased by premier league clubs and we will be waiting to see how does moves go.

“We have foreigners joining in the team – we have invited three players from Ghana, one each from Cameroon and Equatorial Guniea. This is as result that we are doing well as a club in terms of football management and organisation,” he concluded.

It would be recalled that Kogi United finished seventh on the Nigeria National League log last season, with Confluence Queens ending at fifth on the maiden Nigeria Women Premier League table.