Why Kogi APC candidate Abubakar Audu has not changed – Ojonugwa Adamu

Our dear son, Prince Audu has refused to change his ways even at old age. Who will help us change this 68 years old Prince.
prince abubakar audu

Can you imagine that Eid prayers did not hold as it was scheduled in Aloma, Ofu LGA because of one man? Muslim ummah had to wait impatiently for Audu to arrive before we commence prayer to Almighty Allah! Eid prayer was scheduled to hold by 9am in the morning, but our dear Audu did not show up at the prayer ground, against the tradition of Islam, until after 1pm. Prayers commenced after he arrived but many faithfuls had left in annoyance.

Anytime we mix with other Kogians in Lokoja, we notice that Kogi people have one thing in common against Audu. Almost all Kogians will tell you that our Prince is proud, pompous and arrogant.

Our Prince is always giving us concerns with his unchanging character. People complained about these traits while he was in government and people are still complaining about this about Audu. Is it impossible for Audu to change? Must you show your swag before the Almighty?

– Ojonugwa Adamu